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How products Pinduoduo become super cheap after Secret Coupon discount?


Multifunctional Neck Massager Original Pinduoduo Price 79.9 Yuan, after Secret Coupon Discount Only 29.9 Yuan . 2 Piece Sets Mens Sportwear Original Pinduoduo Price  19.8 Yuan, only 9.8 Yuan with Pinduoduo Pro.
Waterproof Kids Smart Watch Original Pinduoduo price 39.8 Yuan, after discount Secret Coupon  Pinduoduo PRO only 9.8 Yuan . Single Size Soft Blanket Original Pinduoduo Price 19.9 Yuan, only 9.9 Yuan with Pinduduo Pro
Magic Bubble Toilet Bowl Cleaner Original Pinduoduo Price 5.8 Yuan, after discount secret coupon  only 2.8 Yuan . Portable Folding Bucket Original Pinduoduo Price 5.8 Yuan, only 1.8 Yuan with Pinduoduo PRO
Product super cheap + Shipping super cheap = Super profit

How much you could save for products + doorstep shipping?

Buyer need to,pay RM4.00 for the cheap shipping fee from China to Malaysia. For Shopee Ship from Oversea, we are as seller and buyer. Buyer pays RM4.00 for the Shopee shipping cost. Seller pays RM2.25 for the actual weight for 2 rompers baby), ship to Sabah Kota Kinabalu.
Pinduoduo price 9.9Yuan after discount price with Pinduoduo Pro  Secret Coupon (4Yuan) , Only 5.9Yuan

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Super Cheap price at 5.9 Yuan. Again with cashback teknik, 5.9yuan - 1.18yuan, it's Only 4.74??

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